Sewer And Water Line Warranty

Providing Sewer & Water protection for homeowners in any Ontario municipality.

Program Benefits

  • All warranty work performed by local contractors whenever possible
  • 99% of claims approved (limitations may apply)
  • No cost to the municipality
  • Homeowner participation is voluntary
  • SLWC CARES program for low income residents

Program Information

  • Residential property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the buried water and sewer lines that run from the municipal connection to the exterior of their home
  • When these lines break, leak, or clog, the homeowner is often surprised to learn that it is not a municipal responsibility
  • Standard home insurance policies may not cover this costly repair
  • Mailing lists respect Canadian privacy laws
  • Enrollment is simple, almost all claims are approved


“The City highly recommends this service to other municipalities because it offers residents a low cost solution to the problem of dealing with broken, leaking, clogged or even frozen water and sewer lines.”
John Savoia, Financial Planning and Policy, City of Hamilton


Fernanda Lazzaro, LAS Customer Service Representative 
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