Freedom of Information (FOI) Solutions

Simplify your FOI Program, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk 

Program Benefits

  • Navigate through each stage of the compliance process, ensuring that all requirements are covered as mandated by legislation and directives
  • Publish automated response letters in the Document Library, including acknowledgment and decision letters, search memos, and third-party notifications. 

Program Information

  • Track time and fees associated with researching and producing requested records, internally and from other departments

  • Monitor the progress of each request, including associated notes, documented exemptions, fees, supporting files, response letters and other information

  • Keep track of FOI request due dates using our built-in calendar feature. Simply double-click on a request within the calendar to instantly access files

  • Produce annual reports for the Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) with "one-click", and reduce errors with our Audit Listing log

  • Access a birds-eye view of your entire FOI program, including files by category, year-over-year statistics, and outstanding tasks at a manager or individual level

  • Vayle offers both on-premises and cloud-hosting options. All FOI data is hosted in Canada on Vayle’s secure network.
    Contact for a simple document that describes the differences between on-premises and cloud hosting

News Release

AMO Partners with FOI Solutions Provider Vayle - August, 18, 2023


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