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Municipalities want energy training that is relevant to them. That is why our energy training workshops focus on the specific needs of our municipalities. Together with Stephen Dixon of Knowenergy, we have built a suite of cost-effective, customizable workshops delivered on-site at your convenience.  Use these workshops to cut utility costs, comply with regulations, or increase your knowledge.

Current Energy Training Opportunities

Operating for Energy Efficiency – The Way to a Sustainable Future

This tailored version of the standard Dollars-to-Sense workshops stretches the limits of energy training beyond the classroom.  The workshop incorporates an on-site treasure hunt to teach attendees to find real conservation opportunities and calculate the business case. 

 It can also include in-depth municipal content not found in standard D2$ workshops related to pools/arenas, wastewater/water treatment plants, and net zero carbon emissions (e.g. net zero energy). 

This workshop is eligible for up to a 75% incentive through the IESO’s SaveONenergy Training & Support incentive.

Municipal Customized Dollars-to-Sense (D2$) Workshops 

Dollars-to-Sense workshops are made to suit staff whether new to energy management or experts. The content from Natural Resources Canada is made up of 30 customizable modules. These include:

  • Energy Fundamentals
  • Financial Analysis and Business Case for Energy Savings
  • Management Systems for Energy (strategy & planning)
  • Building Recommissioning (Basics & Process)
  • Details of energy systems including pumps, HVAC & building envelope

We can create a unique D2$ solution for your municipality based on what interests you most. Part of the workshop could include an Energy Treasure Hunt where attendees work together to find hidden energy savings throughout your facility. 

This workshop is eligible for up to a 75% incentive through the IESO’s SaveONenergy Training & Support incentive.

Energy Efficient Building Operations 101 Workshops (EEBO)

These customizable sessions put you in the driver seat by allowing you to choose the technical content and timeframe appropriate for your facilities and staff.  Select from nine different modules to learn how energy behaves, where it is used, and how to effectively control it in your building. The workshop provides flexible, on-site technical training specific to a broad range of municipal facilities that will be both cost effective and time efficient. The IESO’s SaveONenergy Training & Support incentive covers up to 50% or $300/person/day of each workshop fee for eligible participants.

RETScreen Expert Workshops

RETScreen Expert workshops are suitable for all staff interested in learning how to model energy conservation projects (Feasibility Analysis) or monitor energy performance and verify savings (Performance Analysis).  Attendees will find these workshops especially useful for energy reporting requirements.

  • Project Analysis 101
  • Project Analysis 201
  • Performance Analysis 101
  • Performance Analysis 20

Service Provider

TdS Dixon Inc., led by Stephen Dixon, has for over 25 years, provided energy management services to a broad range of industrial, commercial, institutional and utility organizations.

Here’s what others have to say about the LAS Energy Training workshops:

A highly interactive and informative workshop that demonstrated how behavioral, organizational, and technological efforts combine to form an impactful energy conservation strategy. With participation across all levels of the organization, we generated many exciting ideas through this workshop.

Animesh Roy – Project Engineer, Climate Change & Energy Conservation (RE: Operating for Energy Efficiency - Wastewater)

The workshop was fantastic! Congrats to all the organizers! Becoming more educated on the subject matter has increased my awareness and made me re-think energy in both the workplace and at home!

City of Barrie Workshop Participant (Re: EEBO)


For further information, please contact Christian Tham,  Municipal Program Specialist.

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