Electricity Program

The LAS Electricity Program provides Ontario municipalities with predictable electricity commodity costs through a professionally administered program that leverages both aggregated purchasing and spot market exposure.

Program Benefits

As a licensed electricity retailer in Ontario, LAS can remove municipal facility accounts from Time-of-Use (TOU) rates and bill them at monthly spot market rates, or place them in a hedge alongside 138 other municipal members, fixing up to 75% of their annual commodity costs.

Streetlight accounts can also be enrolled with the LAS Electricity Program, removing them from the default two-tiered Regulated Price Plan (RPP) and billing them at spot market rates only for the hours they are in use – at night when electricity spot market rates are usually the cheapest.  

LAS negotiates and maintains all supplier contracts and completes all purchases through a competitive process.
Your municipality will still receive hydro bills from your Local Distribution Company (LDC).  But should your municipality require some assistance, LAS is available to help you with account issues, advice, and assistance with strategies related to electricity procurement.

Program Process

Get a free analysis and see if the program is right for your municipality. LAS can provide a snapshot of your current facility and streetlight energy commodity costs over the past 12-months and compare them to LAS hedge and market pricing over that period of time.

Program Fee

Program fees cover both program management and billing/settlement. Please note: There is no fee charged to the un-hedged portion of the bill (spot market exposure).


Electricity FAQ


For further information, please contact Fernanda Lazzaro, Customer Service Representative,  416.971.9856 x369.

LAS provides a way to avoid time-of-use electricity rates without incurring large legal and administrative costs. On behalf of the County of Wellington, LAS has negotiated all supplier agreements, and manages all utility billing and commodity administration in-house at a reasonable cost-recovery fee. We have enjoyed reasonable rates and substantial savings from the program and would recommend it to any municipality.

Mark Bolzon, Manager, Purchasing & Risk Management Services, County of Wellington