Electronic Meeting Management and Livestreaming

Bridging the remote and in-person environments for a seamless meeting experience

Program Benefits

  • Easy-Start Bundles (preselected modules)
  • A-la-carte Modules (customizable features)
  • eScribe Lite (digital transformation bundle specifically designed for small communities and school boards)

Program Information

  • eScibe is a leading provider of secure, cloud-based, paperless meeting management and live streaming solutions
  • Supports each step of the meeting lifecycle with modular, comprehensive tools
  • Aims to improve transparency and reduce the resources required to support meetings


“We wanted to be able to work anywhere, at anytime. eSCRIBE was our first step in going digital and as we move forward with digital transformation, we see many more opportunities.”
Joanne Hyde, City Clerk (former), City of Thorold



Program Partner

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