LAS Board of Directors

The LAS Board is comprised of a variety of individuals. Coming from various walks of municipal life, the Board is responsible for fulfilling the corporation's mandate through major policy and financial decisions related to the activities of LAS. The Board is also responsible for overseeing the general administrative functions of LAS.

image of Gary McNamara
Gary McNamara
Chair, Mayor
Michelle Bretherick
Director, Finance Services/Deputy Treasurer
image of Aina DeViet
Aina DeViet
Oliver Jerschow
Chief Administrative Officer
Suzanne Madder
Manager, Corporate Performance and Strategy
image of Julia McKenzie
Julia McKenzie
Director of Finance Services/Treasurer
image of Jean-Pierre Ouellette
Jean-Pierre Ouellette
LAS / ONE Investment Board Member
Lealand Sibbick
Image of Chris Wray
Chris Wray
Chief Administrative Officer
Brian Rosborough, LAS, President; AMO Executive Director
Brian Rosborough
LAS, President, AMO Executive Director
image of Judy Dezell
Judy Dezell
Director, AMO Enterprise Centre, Business Partnerships, LAS and ONE
Afshin Majidi, LAS, Secretary-Treasurer; AMO Director Finance and Operations Centre
Afshin Majidi
LAS, Secretary-Treasurer; AMO Director Finance and Operations Centre