Innovative Programs and Services for Ontario' Municipalities

LAS is a preferred provider of competitively-priced and sustainable co-operative business services for Ontario municipalities and the broader public sector. LAS helps its customers "save money, make money, and solve capacity".

$7,200,000 in premiums enrolled in our group benefits program
Signed with LAS to upgrade streetlights to LED
Up to 25% off regular home & auto insurance rates

Administrative Services

Leveraging the buying power of the Ontario municipal sector to achieve savings.
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Asset Services

LAS offers a state-of-the-art way to reduce operating and maintenance costs.
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Commodity Programs

The Programs provide Ontario municipalities with predictable commodity costs, possible through aggregated purchasing.
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Energy Services

Focused on the specific needs of municipalities and the broader public sector, working towards energy efficient organizations.
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Let's Work Together.

LAS seeks innovative and creative long-term programs/services that are beneficial to municipal governments and broader public sector organizations, do not compete directly with purchasing cooperatives, and can be aggregated at an association level. Featured Partners: