Municipal Risk Management

Municipal liability and risk management issues cost municipalities millions of dollars every year.  Local governments must be aware of new and emerging risk management issues to help them effectively reduce the frequency and severity of claims. LAS and Intact Public Entities partner together to offer municipalities access to information that promotes continuing awareness and action related to risk management.

LAS also encourages municipalities to subscribe to the Intact Public Entities Centre of Excellence. This online resource is dedicated to supplying municipalities with relevant, professional information on important risk issues.

Municipal Risk Management Guides

With input from our expert Risk Management Working Group, LAS is sharing a series of guides on how municipal risk management works, including tips, current trends and challenges. Stay tuned for updates every quarter.

How do municipalities buy insurance? (Spring 2022)

How do municipalities manage risk? (Winter 2022)

Program Benefits

Municipalities are targets of litigation because they are perceived as “deep pocket” defendants with unlimited resources. A better understanding of risk management issues, trends, and best practices, can help your organization address a key cause of rising insurance costs by helping you control the ‘cost of risk’.

This partnership helps municipalities remain up to date about risk management trends by having  access to Intact Public Entities' risk management library.  The Centre of Excellence contains resources for:

  • Contracts
  • Engineering/Public Works
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Facilities Management
  • Arenas
  • Public Safety & Transportation
  • Social Services
  • Special Events

Risk Management Events

LAS partners with Intact Public Entities to offer risk management solutions for municipalities. Risk Management Symposiums occur every two years, helping you be aware of possible risks that may affect your municipality. This year's symposium will take place October 5 and 6. 

Visit the Events section for more information about this year's virtual symposium.


For further information, please contact Fernanda Lazzaro, Customer Service Representative,  416.971.9856 x369.

Program Partner

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All documents and information is provided as part of LAS’ education/awareness partnership with Intact Public Entities. These documents provide an opinion on key municipal risk management issue but are not meant to provide any form of legal opinion or official interpretation. For definitive interpretations or opinions we encourage you to contact your legal counsel. Documents are all rights reserved.