Becoming an LAS Volunteer

Municipal elected and staff volunteers have the opportunity to serve on the LAS Board or Committees.

LAS Board

LAS is mandated to work with municipalities, their agencies, boards and commissions as well as other organizations of Ontario's broader public sector to assist them in reducing the cost of their expenditures and to increase their revenues through the principles of economies-of-scale and co-operative procurement efforts.

LAS Committees

LAS’ Committees are an important component of delivering services by providing expert advice on the Committee’s area of concern.  Committee members convene to discuss and make recommendations for consideration by the LAS Board of Directors on services that fit within LAS’ mandate. The mandate ensures competitively-priced and sustainable programs and services designed to help enhance municipal staff capacity by allowing municipalities to do more with existing resources.  Committee members also have the unique opportunity to meet with people that represent other interest groups and other orders of government.

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