Closed Meeting Investigator

The Ontario Municipal Act allows for any person to request that an investigation be undertaken respecting whether a municipality, local board, or a committee of either, has complied with the closed meeting rules contained within section 239 of the Act.

LAS has offered this service to Ontario municipalities since 2008. To deliver the required investigation services, LAS has contracted a third party, Aird Berlis. It maintains a roster of experienced and trained individuals located across Ontario to provide required investigative services at the most reasonable cost.

The LAS Program Investigation Process

  • An individual files a written request for investigation with the Clerk of the municipality
  • The municipality sends the request and background documentation to the Investigator (Aird Berlis)
  • Initial review by Investigator will result in decision to proceed, or not proceed – with a reason, or withdrawal of request
  • If decision is to proceed, investigation is completed
  • Draft report filed and peer-reviewed by Investigator
  • Final report prepared and submitted to Council or Local Board
  • Report is made public by the municipality

LAS Fees

Annual retainer fee of $200 per year. This fee covers the administrative overhead of the program, as well as the cost related to program education/information materials.

Hourly investigation fee is $225. Because of the education and information materials provided to LAS Program members, many will never encounter a closed meeting investigation.


Closed Meeting Investigator FAQ

The LAS program provided the Town with access to a credible, independent, and professional investigation process that helps us ensure that we are operating in the most transparent fashion.
Debi Wilcox, Former Clerk, Town of Whitby


For further information, please contact Fernanda Lazzaro, Customer Service Representative,  416.971.9856 x369.