Electronic Permitting

Bring your building permit process and planning applications online

Program Benefits

  • As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, Cloudpermit takes care of all maintenance and updates to the software
  • Valuable time and resources savings (no IT support needed)
  • User-friendly and accessible on any mobile device for all users
  • Fast implementation process and no installations required
  • One-click reporting to Statistics Canada
  • Easily configured to local government's specific needs
  • Building and planning departments benefit from online collaboration
  • Stronger communication with direct and group messages and time-stamped messages

Program Information

  • Accept, review, and issue building permits online with easy communication (issue building permits 80% faster than paper-based systems)
  • Conduct on-site mobile building inspections that automatically notify all parties when inspection status changes
  • Accept and circulate planning applications online to internal and external stakeholders
  • Interact with online maps to select property locations and learn more information


“We are very pleased with the time we have already saved since implementing Cloudpermit. It has really been an invaluable software that has helped us to eliminate our manual processes for applicants, builders, and municipal staff.”
Arnie Marsman, Chief Building Official, Municipality of Middlesex Centre



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