CFTA Notice of Participation

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) requires any municipality wanting to participate in a buying group to publish a declaration of its intent. We recommend that your municipality’s declaration be posted on your public notice website for a minimum of two weeks.

If you are enrolled in one or more LAS programs, then your municipality is considered to be participating in a buying group.

To create your municipality’s declaration, copy and paste the paragraph below onto a document with your municipality’s letterhead. The following language should satisfy the requirements of the CFTA:

[Insert Municipality Name] intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Local Authority Services (LAS) between [month/year to month/year, for indefinite term projects include one year only and post annually ]. For further information and access to LAS request for proposal (RFP) notices, please review the website at


Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

Watch this webinar to learn more about procurement and trade agreements with the CFTA and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).