Our Team

LAS recognizes that the comments and suggestions of municipal leaders and employees are vital in continuing to provide the best and most necessary services to Ontario’s municipalities. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions that you may have - you are the best people to tell us what types of services and programs are most needed at the municipal level. 

Note: The publishing of employee emails as it relates to Canada's Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) is not to be perceived as being implied consent to receive commercial electronic messages (CEMs).


Image of Brian Rosborough
Brian Rosborough
LAS, President, AMO Executive Director
Image of Judy Dezell
Judy Dezell
Director AMO Enterprise Centre, Business Partnerships, LAS & ONE
image of Afshin Majidi
Afshin Majidi
LAS, Secretary-Treasurer; AMO Director Finance and Operations Centre
image of Jeff Barten
Jeff Barten
Energy and Asset Services Manager
Corey Brown
Team Lead – Energy Billing & Settlement
Sujitha Cyril
Sujitha Cyril
Energy Billing & Settlement Clerk
Shannon Devane
Program Manager - Municipal Risk Management
Jason Hagan
LAS Program Manager
Meagan Khan
Business Development Manager
Aliya Khayat
Aliya Khayat
Energy Billing & Settlement Clerk
Fernanda Lazzaro
Fernanda Lazzaro
Customer Service Representative
Christian Tham
Christian Tham
Municipal Program Specialist
image of Tanner Watt
Tanner Watt
Municipal Program Specialist
image of Susan Weiss
Susan Weiss
Administrative Assistant