Electronic Signature

Document integrity, authenticity, and longevity along with signing assurance

Program Benefits

  • Sign documents in a few simple clicks
  • User-friendly and fast
  • Saves time and productivity
  • Automatically generates a digitally sealed audit log that incorporates the signed document (PDF/A-3)

Program Information

  • An advanced and legally reliable e-signing platform solution
  • Notarius provides solutions that safeguard the long-term reliability of digital records
  • Designed to protect the public and enable professionals to sign electronic documents with the same legal value as a paper document signed by hand
  • Used by members of Canadian Professional Associations, private companies, government agencies and crown corporations


“Notarius, as a trusted certification authority and a provider of electronic signatures, had everything we were looking for, in addition to being able to guarantee the reliability of our documents since proof of the signers’ or signing organizations’ identities are embedded in the signed document.”
Marc-André Drouin, IT Manager, Systems and Services United Counties of Prescott and Russell



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