Develop and maintain your CDM Plan with the Energy Planning Tool (EPT)

Section 6 of the Green Energy Act (O’Reg 397/11) requires broader public sector (BPS) organizations to develop and make public energy efficiency plans and targets.

Municipalities, along with other Broader Public Sector entities, are required to complete and submit to an Energy Consumption and GHG Emission report before  July 1 each year. The Ministry of Energy has developed a specific portal for the uploading of these reports. Municipal clerks have been sent a secure login and password to this portal by Ministry staff. If your municipality has not received this email or you have questions about Regulation 397/11 please contact Ministry staff at

Municipalities were also required to develop and post on their website Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans before 1 July 2014.

LAS developed the Energy Planning Tool (EPT) to help you develop and update plans in compliance with this regulation.

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