Online Courses


LAS and AMO are working together to build an online learning portfolio that meets your educational needs. Online learning is no longer a ‘thing of the future’. Courses offered online allow YOU, the user, to manage your educational needs like never before. Online learning is:

  1. Convenient: allows you to balance the demands of work, career and home life by accessing courses 24/7/365 from home, work, and even on the road.
  2. Immediate: You can start a course in a matter of clicks! Be done in one sitting (about two to three hours) and download your certificate from your account.
  3. Easy to Use: Click away and get the knowledge you need on topics relevant to your every day work life.
  4. Flexible: You decide when you want to take the course. If you only have time at night, no need to worry - make your own schedule and do the course at your own pace over the course of 30 days.
  5. Cost-Effective: Studies show that online learning can save an organization 50-70% of training expense by eliminating the cost of travel. Our courses and educational content are offered at a low-cost, some are even free.
  6. Quality: All of our courses are built by subject matter experts and adult education course designers. All courses are vigorously edited, tested prior to launch, and reviewed often to ensure content is up to date and relevant.

Our Online Courses

Risk Management

Intact Public Entities Institute of Municipal Risk Management

Energy Efficiency