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Catch up on missed live webinars, refresh your memory, or just learn about our other programs by clicking on any of the free videos posted here. This page is updated with each new webinar, so visit regularly.

Introducing the Municipal Group Buying Program

LAS is pleased to introduce the Municipal Group Buying Program to help Ontario municipalities purchase things they use on an every day basis. This new program is one of the leading public sector buying groups in Canada leveraging the combined buying power of over 1,600 municipalities with over 100 different suppliers.  September 24, 2019

ONE Investment June 18, 2019 Webinar

For 25 years, ONE Investment has partnered with financial service providers to offer the municipal sector with turnkey investment solutions that are fully compliant with the Municipal Act. ONE Investment has grown to a stand-alone non-profit organization that offers a range of investment options for the municipal investo

As part of its new services, ONE has created a customer service team comprised of a retired municipal treasurer and a CFA charterholder. Together, they provide municipal government staff with the range of expertise needed to develop an approach that is right for the municipality, whether investing with the “legal list” or under the prudent investor standard. This video provides an overview of the delivery framework and options for municipalities under Prudent Investor.

Group Buying Options for the Municipal Sector

Municipalities all benefit from the purchasing power of large groups. This helps to reduce costs based on volume for everything from pencils to transportation. Find out some of the group buying options available to municipalities to reduce the cost of your most common purchases. May 28, 2019

Commodity Programs  Electricity and Natural Gas

The LAS Electrical and the Natural Gas Programs provide Ontario municipalities with predictable commodity costs, which is possible through aggregated purchasing. Both programs are offered using hedge strategy principles and spot market exposure, thereby offering budget stability.

Learn how these programs can help your Municipality with the management of monthly commodity expenses. May 21, 2019

Creating Energy Efficient Municipalities

Utility costs can be managed even if costs continue to rise. LAS offers services to help members in their conservation efforts. Learn about our Facility Lighting Service & Energy Training and how we can help with Energy Planning as you work towards an energy efficient municipality. May 14, 2019

Canada's Federal Carbon Pricing System

LAS and program partner Edison Energy provide answers to all your federal carbon tax questions. February 14, 2019

Facility Lighting

LAS staff outline the basics of our newly expanded Facility Lighting Service. September 11, 2018


Public Procurement requirements have changed under CETA/CFTA Agreements. Find out how this affects you in this webinar. April 24, 2018

Lighting Controls

Controls help improve the efficiency of your lighting system. Hear from our partners on the benefits of this technology. November 29, 2017