Validating: A Necessary Action That Protects Against Fraud

September 14, 2021

by Philippe Tremblay 

Counterfeiters at Work

A professional seal is a guarantee of public protection. In our home country, however, forgery is not uncommon. Engineers and architects have seen their seals and/or plans stolen from them, only to be subsequently accepted by authorities. These identity thefts could have serious consequences.

Overwhelming evidence of forgery in Canada: 

The CertifiO Digital Signature: Innovative and Transparent 

Issued directly to a member by a professional association or one of its partners, the CertifiO digital signature is used by more than 50,000 professionals in Canada. It is a secure and proven technological solution to combat fraud and the forgery of seals and signatures. 

When affixed to an electronic document, it gives the document unparalleled integrity. A digital signature allows you to validate the signer’s identity and professional affiliation, as well as the time of signature, all free of charge. The CertifiO digital signature improves performance for engineers and municipalities. 

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Validation: Ensuring Public Protection

Validating signed documents and signatures is not only easy and free, but it is the only way to ensure the integrity of documents and to confirm that a professional has the right to practice. By adopting good practices, we speed up our processes thanks to digital technology and avoid putting our infrastructure and citizens’ security at risk. 

How to validate a digitally signed document. Watch Video.

Validate Video Link

Find out how to validate a digital signature for free: See our articles and videos:  I want to validate one or more CertifiO digital signatures.

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