The AMO Policy Team Invites You to the AMO 2022 Conference

The Policy Team at AMO is excited that the in-person AMO 2022 Conference is just over one month away. We look forward to seeing you again!

One of our roles in Conference planning is to create ideas and content for each of the concurrent sessions that run throughout the Conference. Between August 14-17, we are pleased to offer over a dozen 75-minute sessions that cover a multitude of topics:

  • Integrated Mental Health and Addictions Approaches
  • MPAC Update – Playing a Key Role in Property Tax and Assessment
  • The Great Reset between Conservation Authorities and Municipal Governments: Looking to 2024 and Beyond
  • The Circular Economy in your own Backyard: Reducing our Reliance on Landfills and Waste Disposal Sites
  • Creating Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Communities
  • Climate Change Impacts on Ontario Municipal Infrastructure
  • Addressing the Housing and Homelessness Crisis
  • Firefighter Certification – A Guide for Municipal Leaders
  • Beyond Floods and Fires: Municipal Emergency Management Today
  • Bill 109 and Beyond: Striking the Balance between Speed & Due Diligence
  • Reconciliation and Ontario Municipalities
  • Controlling Your Own Energy Needs – Energizing Communities Using Local Solutions
  • Public Health COVID Learnings – Informing Future Modernization
  • Blue Box: T-11 Months to Launch!
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration and Community Engagement for Just Climate Change Transitions 

Learn from and engage in dialogue with subject matter experts in each of these topics. The most up to date agenda and program details can be found on the Conference webpage.

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