Boost your Asset Management with a Digital Twin

By Tanner Watt
Municipal Program Specialist, LAS

In the world of managing infrastructure, new technologies like digital twins are bringing about a significant change. In a recent webinar led by Jon-Erik Dillon, the CEO of StreetScan and Streetlogix, innovative advancements were introduced, promising to revolutionize how municipalities handle asset management.

Traditionally, evaluating the condition of roads and other city assets has been a time-consuming and subjective process, prone to errors and high costs. However, with the emergence of mobile laser scanning systems, the landscape is swiftly evolving. StreetScan's groundbreaking method involves creating digital replicas of entire city street networks, utilizing LiDAR technology and artificial intelligence. 

Comparison of roads

These digital twins act as virtual duplicates of real-world infrastructure, providing insights and analytics previously out of reach. The mobile scanning systems provide exceptionally high-quality data. Additionally, by combining 2D and 3D data models, essential information can be extracted, ranging from pavement conditions to tree inventories and assessments of clearance heights. 

infrared picture of a road

What distinguishes StreetScan is their systematic approach to asset management. By recommending regular scans every three years, they ensure a consistent benchmarking process, enabling municipalities to monitor how their infrastructure changes over time. Moreover, StreetScan's dedication to compatibility means that data can seamlessly integrate with existing software platforms, enhancing accessibility and usability for municipalities.

During the webinar, Jon-Erik showcased various practical applications, illustrating the versatility and relevance of digital twins beyond road inspections. From analyzing pavement markings to assessing urban trees and roadside obstacles, the technology offers a comprehensive solution for managing various assets within the public right-of-way. The upcoming integration of panoramic imagery into Streetlogix further enriches visualization capabilities, providing decision-makers with detailed, immersive data insights.

StreetScan carStreetScan's digital twin platform represents a transformative shift in infrastructure management. By harnessing advanced technologies and embracing a holistic approach to asset management, municipalities can achieve new levels of precision, collaboration, and efficiency. As cities grapple with the challenges of urbanization and sustainability, the potential of digital twins stands poised to reshape how we plan and maintain our communities.

StreetScan is the LAS program partner for our Road and Sidewalk Assessment Service, letting Ontario municipalities access these tools easily. Contact Tanner to learn more or for a link to the webinar referenced above.   

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