Getting Personal about Group Benefits

By DJ Nascimento 
Account Executive, Mosey and Mosey

Mosey and Mosey is LAS' Group Benefits Program partner. We wanted to get personal with the main contact of municipal accounts.   

1. How long have you been working with Mosey and Mosey?
I’m in my 10th year with Mosey & Mosey.

2. How did you get into group insurance?
I have a few years of ‘insurance’ experience and when this opportunity was presented to me, I thought it might be a good fit.
There are a number of traditional routes to take via business courses through university and/or collage programs. 

3. What would your day entail?
No two days are the same, our clients have unique renewal dates throughout the year and because of this, our workflow has its peaks and valleys. We attempt to manage the ad-hoc requests as quickly and smoothly as possible. We also participate and attend conferences throughout the year across Ontario.

4. What do you enjoy most about working with municipalities?
Getting to know each of them on a personal level and actually understanding their challenges day in and day out. We can assist them with these challenges by using past experiences with other municipal clients. Our goal is to help them find solutions, control plan expenditures and minimize the internal resources required to manage their employee group benefit program.

5. What advice would you give municipalities looking into group insurance?
Employee group benefits are an important part of the overall employee compensation package, this is true from the prospective of both the employee and the employer. It is also a fact that costs associated with group benefits can be a large expense for municipalities.

How can they balance the time and cost associated with providing a quality benefit program that will attract and retain good employees? The answer is simple…the LAS Group Benefit Program…😊

We are here to help municipalities get started and can outline what is required to begin the process to obtain a proposal that will save the municipality money along with the possibility of using those savings to enhance their benefit plan.

6. What advice would you give to someone looking to get into your industry as a career?
If you enjoy meeting people, assisting them with their challenges and finding solutions for them, you will have a fulfilling career in this industry. No two days are the same, you will never feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. Each day will bring new and exciting experiences.

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