A Game Changer That Upgrades Municipal Services Delivery

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By Louis-Philippe Tremblay
Digital Transformation Communicator, Notarius

Migrating online services while the population demands a simple digital experience is no easy task. Indeed, recruiting developers in high demand, supporting development, and respecting privacy requires resources that are not accessible to all municipalities.

Fortunately, there is a revolutionary platform that makes it possible to deliver online services securely and is now available to municipalities of all sizes.

Fully developed in Canada and successfully deployed within provincial governments, Portage CyberTech's Online Services Platform brings all online services together in one place. What makes it a game changer? Here are some major points:

An optimal and unified user experience

Say goodbye to multiple login sessions. With the Portage CyberTech platform, only one secure session is required. By bringing together municipal services in one place, accessing services by logging in via a municipal website from any device becomes easy.

Accessing tax reports, building permits, and subsidies is quick and easy. In addition, the interface simplifies the user experience. By offering easily accessible services, municipalities can optimize their resources and increase their chances of offering a positive experience to their citizens.

And no matter the level of digital knowledge of users or employees, everyone will be able to use this platform within minutes which enables a quick and rapid adoption. 

No disruptions or service interruption

Modernizing online services often means engaging in frustrating system change processes. With the Portage CyberTech Online Services Platform, it's quite different.

It configures to existing systems. 

So, if a planning department has its own system, and the economic development department needs to create its own, it will be possible to integrate them into the platform without forcing either party to abandon its digital working method.

The goal of the platform is to make life easier for municipal employees and help people get services quickly, not to create complex deployments.

Adoption at everyone's pace

Depending on available resources and departmental cohesion issues, the platform can be deployed in small projects or very quickly across many services.

For example, a recreation department could implement a pilot project to evaluate processes and consequently facilitate the migration of other departments to the platform. On the other hand, a city with millions of inhabitants that wants to integrate several services (e.g. taxes, permits, parking) will also be able to do so in just a few months.

Ultimately, as each municipality has different local challenges,  Portage CyberTech's Online Services Platform offers a solution tailored to each of them.

Cybersecurity and privacy

With the tightening of legal frameworks concerning privacy across North America, information management requires much more expertise than ever before. This is normal; the risks associated with identity theft have never been greater!

Portage CyberTech's Online Services Platform is a timely solution. Designed according to the principles of Privacy-By-Design, it uses Privacy-Preserving Access Management (PPAM) to ensure that identity information cannot be compromised.

Unlike other IAM tools, the PPAM retains the bare minimum of personal information, encrypts, and tokenizes confidential information. In other words, it protects users' privacy.

Thus, in case of a breach, the information becomes unusable for a cybercriminal. Municipalities can better manage the risks associated with cyber-attacks while delivering digital online services effectively.

No one is left behind

The UN's 2022 e-government survey emphasized the importance of public services digitization for economic development and the trust relationship between the population and governments.

However, many municipalities are reluctant to make a complete shift, fearing that certain generations will be left behind. With Portage CyberTech's Online Services Platform, no one is forgotten. Physical processes can continue and integrate into digital systems. Thus, it becomes easier to serve all segments of the population, but with much more efficient hybrid processes.

The power to upgrade services

In the long run, the arrival of this platform comes at a crucial time for Canadian municipalities, who have too often been asked to make do with almost nothing. Now, they finally have the opportunity to deliver online services in an efficient and secure manner while meeting the expectations of the public and employees.

If you are looking to offer online services to your clients or citizens and want to make a difference, do not hesitate to write to us at: marketing@portagecybertech.com.

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