AMO’s Work on Ending Homelessness

May 23, 2023

Homelessness has reached disastrous proportions in Ontario, with devastating impacts on people, communities and businesses across the province. It is a social, economic, and health crisis in Ontario. Local governments have felt the challenges of homelessness in their communities most because of policy choices of successive provincial governments. AMO has long been involved with housing and homelessness advocacy and is working to help municipal leaders find solutions that are appropriate for their communities.

Homelessness Symposium
On May 3rd and 4th, 2023, AMO hosted the Ending Homelessness Symposium which brought together around 250 people including municipal elected officials and staff, Indigenous organizations and other sector partners. Sessions explored the various intersecting factors that cause and keep people homeless, as well as collaborative approaches needed to address these underlying factors. Communities that have made important progress towards achieving a “functional zero” chronic and veterans’ homelessness were featured. Topics also included innovative tools and models, insights from people with lived experience and Indigenous leaders, and practical takeaways for addressing homelessness.

The symposium concluded by facilitating open discussion with everyone in the room. The popcorn session was a valuable sharing and reflecting experience.

This event is just one way in which AMO is continuing to work with municipal governments, partner organizations, people with lived experience, Indigenous peoples, the provincial and federal governments, and other actors within the sector to end homelessness in Ontario. 

For more information on how AMO is tackling the homelessness crisis, please visit here, or contact

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