LED Streetlight Program

Our LED Streetlight Program has been a remarkable success that has permanently altered Ontario’s outdoor lighting marketplace.  This turn-key program remains unmatched in the industry, receiving multiple awards and significant participation since 2013.  With installations in over 189 municipalities, we are extremely proud to have been able to help save our members time and money while beautifying Ontario’s communities.  A huge thank you to all those who entrusted your streetlight project to the LAS team.    

Effective December 31, 2020, the LAS LED Streetlight Program will no longer be available.  We will continue to work with those whom we started to see their projects completed.  

We want to extend special thanks to our long time partners RealTerm Energy and Cree Canada, for their dedication, teamwork, and for continuously going above and beyond for our members.  In addition, we want to thank the numerous decorative streetlight suppliers whose products beautified our downtown cores, contractors who braved the weather to make sure upgrades were completed, and the numerous other partners involved in the designs, incentive process, inspections and permits. 


Graphic of 189 municipalities signed on with LAS to upgrade to LED streetlights


If you have not yet completed an upgrade in your community and would like some guidance, please feel free to contact us

LED Streetlight Projects Map

It was such a significant savings off our bottom line. It just made sense.
Dana Valentyne, Community Development Officer, Town of Deseronto

We selected LAS’ Streetlight Program because we were confident that the partners were in a position to finish our project in the timelines we required. Their relationship with CREE, their installation record and IESO application experience put them at the front of the line to get the project done quickly and properly.
Barry Thompson, Manager of Energy Management, City of Barrie

We have had a very positive experience with the LED street lighting program. In addition to the financial windfall experienced, light pollution has been significantly reduced and maintenance calls are virtually non-existent.”
Grace Naylor, Treasurer, Township of Chatsworth

I must commend LAS for the procurement process. A small municipality like ours does not have the staff to perform such a procurement exercise.
Will Moore, CAO / Clerk, Township of Chatsworth

We would like to thank you and the LAS team for bringing forward such an outstanding initiative and for assisting our municipality throughout the process of participating in this conversion program. These initiatives are integral to assisting municipalities better administer their assets and ensure more environmental conscious management.
Bob Sweet, Mayor, Town of Petawawa

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