A Summer as LAS’ First Ever Marketing Intern

August 31, 2021

By Laura Vial
LAS Marketing Intern, Summer 2021

LAS’ very first Marketing Intern! A big title to fill, which made me feel both nervous and excited to start my very first co-op term. With Covid-19 restrictions slightly easing up this summer, workplaces were still impacted and cautious in returning to the office, guaranteeing there to be another remote summer. While workplaces have adapted to the online work environment, starting a job remotely was a new experience for me. As I completed a full year of online classes, starting my first co-op job was new territory. However, this experience has provided me with many new skills and knowledge about the workforce and marketing while exposing me to the municipal business sector.

Progressing through my summer internship with LAS, I was exposed to many different aspects of marketing, and completed many tasks that helped promote LAS and its programs. My workplan consisted of website editing, promoting marketing campaigns on social media, creating new marketing materials, introducing new tools, revising communications, helping with the 2021 AMO Virtual Conference, and much more.

Looking back on my time with LAS, I am very proud of the work I accomplished this summer. Some of the work I enjoyed the most was creating new marketing content for future conferences or promotional opportunities. I was able to create new videos promoting LAS, its programs, and the digital offerings. I enjoyed the creative freedom and responsibility I was given to create these new materials. One aspect that I have not yet touched upon in my academics or extra-curricular activities is making videos. The last time I used Premiere Pro to create a video was in high school when I first learned how to use the program. Being given the opportunity to work with the software again interested me and I had a fun time creating these videos with the program.

All in all, this summer has been a brand new experience for me. Completing my first co-op work term online was challenging but I have learned a great deal about communicating and handling a professional role through online platforms. This role has met and exceeded my expectations of the internship and has set the stage for future interns to grow and learn as well. I have learned a lot about the municipal sector and the services provided to Ontario municipalities. It is incredible to be part of a group that reaches municipalities of all different sizes across the province with our many programs and offerings. 

I would like to say thank you to LAS and AMO for welcoming me and supporting me through my placement while giving me a great opportunity this summer. Being LAS’ first marketing intern was a new experience not only for me but for LAS too. I have enjoyed my time and have gained a lot of experience that I can bring with me to my upcoming academic year and future careers. 

Thank you everyone and stay safe!

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