Strengths and Benefits of a Work Order System

September 22, 2020

The LAS Road and Sidewalk Assessment Service was launched in 2017 as a way to make high-quality, objective asset evaluation and management available to all municipalities. Since then the service has continued to grow and expand. We’re excited to announce the addition of a work order feature to the software, making it even easier to track and manage the work your team does to keep the community running.

Having a hard time keeping track of historical work orders? Unclear when current repair requests will be addressed?  Managing municipal maintenance operations can be challenging for Public Works departments, especially without the right tools. Work effortlessly with a comprehensive Work Order Management System that allows Municipal staff to:

  • Respond to inbound Citizen calls and requests
  • Track labor, repair and material costs
  • Inventory and categorize all assets
  • Automate repeating maintenance work as often as needed
  • Identify and capture all street assets with their exact location 
  • Capture work history and know replacement costs
  • Communicate effectively with mobile solution
  • Know your work orders and priorities for each day, week, month, throughout the year
  • Take the guess work out of what your day looks like!

Generally, work order systems are complicated to set up, expensive to implement and require a significant amount of training commitment. In order for a work order management system to be effective in a department, it must be simple and easy to navigate to find information with just a few clicks.  

Streetlogix's intuitive, easy-to-use work order management system gets your teams active and productive in minutes, bringing greater organization, efficiency, and accountability to your task management planning. It allows users to access asset data on the go, perform analysis and report completed work tasks against their budgets, all within a GIS-enriched environment. 

Streetlogix’s work order management system includes features such as:


Intuitive Centralized dashboard
A Powerful dashboard provides a centralized & interactive means of monitoring work order performance metrics. Know what your teams are working on and their progress! Set daily,  weekly, and monthly goals. Dig into your problem areas to better  understand the “why?” Never use spreadsheets again!
Image of work order system dashboard


Image of work order system calendar


Task calendar
Task calendar facilitates scheduling of  work orders. If your team is unable to complete assigned tasks, simply drag it to another day or reassign it to different teammate. No need to pick up the phone and check. Never use spreadsheets again to build crew schedules.
Mobile App:
An easy-to-use mobile app to track and detail projects in the field. Never carry a paper notebook in the field again! Empower your team with the ability to create, capture and amend work orders with photos and voice descriptions - no typing necessary. Communicate and close-out 311 citizen requests in real-time.  Have your entire asset and work history in the palm of your hand.
Image of work order system app


As the saying goes, municipal departments are constantly asked to do more with less. Less funding, less manpower and less time; and yet expectations for productivity continue to grow. Unfair! When the time comes for municipal departments to consider making an improvement to their bottom line, they should consider adopting a simple, easy-to-use Work Order solution like Streetlogix. 

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