Now is the Perfect Time to Review Your Employee Group Benefits Plan

June 08, 2021

Covid-19 was something that most of us did not see coming, 2020 was a challenge for everyone including your municipal employees. Hopefully they were able to get through 2020 and are looking forward to better things in 2021.

Your employees have been through a lot, some may have had a very difficult time dealing with the pandemic due to the lockdowns, possible isolation, transitioning to a work from home environment, balancing family life and some had to manage online schooling for their children, etc. If they needed help, was it available through an Employee Assistance Program? Did they know where to seek assistance? These are questions that a good employee group benefit plan should have been able to answer.

Employee group benefits plans are an important part of any employee’s compensation package. That is true from the perspective of both the employee and the employer.  Whether it is for vision or dental care, prescription drugs, or disability coverage, many people rely on their group benefits coverage to keep them in tiptop shape.  Moreover, employers know that a happy, healthy person is a productive employee.  So why is the number one concern in the public sector related to group benefits? 

Make no mistake about it -- municipal staff are very busy.  This is often more true for smaller municipalities.  It is no surprise that with numerous reports due to Council and the Province, alongside day-to-day tasks, a group benefits review is often overlooked.  It seems like there is always something else more pressing, and as such, it is never a good time to review an employee group benefits plan.

It is also a fact that costs associated with group benefits increase each year. How can municipalities balance escalating costs with providing a quality benefits program that attracts and retains valuable employees? And with a limited amount of time for review?  You may want to look into the our Group Benefits Program.

One advantage to most LAS programs and services, including the Group Benefits Program, is easing the workload of municipal staff.  Program Partner Mosey & Mosey can assist with a review of your plan at any time throughout the year. There is no need to wait until your renewal is up.  All that is required to generate a quote is your municipality’s authorization, some employee data, and your current insurer information (plan design, historical data to ensure we compare apples to apples).  Mosey & Mosey can then develop a competitive, sustainable benefits program that strikes a balance between coverage options and cost control.

So, the next time you find yourself thinking, ‘I don’t have any time to review our benefits program’, remember that LAS and Mosey & Mosey will find time for you. 

We look forward to working with you and assisting with your employee group benefits plan.

For more information about the LAS Employee Group Benefits Program, please visit our website.

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