Asset Management Regulation Update

March 02, 2021

By Michelle Hjort, Director of Business Development in Canada

UPDATE: In March 2021 the provincial government amended O. Reg. 588/17 to adjust the deadlines for asset management. The next deadline is now 2022 instead of 2021. The amendment can be found here

Original article:

In December 2017, the Ontario Government passed Ontario Regulation 588/17 Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure.

The plan includes the following milestones:
July 1, 2019 First Strategic Asset Management Policy (to be updated every five years)
July 1, 2021 Core Assets to be included in plan
July 1, 2023 All other Assets to be included in plan

The next upcoming reporting milestone is due on July 1, 2021 and requires an asset management plan covering a municipality's core infrastructure. Core infrastructure asset groups are roads, bridges and culverts, stormwater, water and wastewater assets.

The following is a summary of how the regulation details the major components of the required core infrastructure asset management plan:

  1. Current Level of Service: level of service can be summarized broadly as the scope and reliability of service with 1) qualitative descriptions 2) technical metrics. The Reg provides charts with specific requirements. (Data can be at most two years old)  
  2. Current Performance: with measures established by the muni (data can be at most two years old)
  3. Lifecycle info: replacement cost, average age, condition, along with a description of the condition parameters used 
  4. Lifecycle activities and costs required to maintain current level of service for each of next ten years. Included analysis: options, risks, lowest cost options
  5. Munis of population less than 25,000: projected population/economic activity and how it impacts lifecycle activities in previous point #4
  6. Munis of population over 25,000: estimated costs to maintain level of service for each of next ten years to adjust for projected growth, source of funds to do so, risk assessment and planning associated with the AM plan

AMO and LAS provide support for municipalities to comply with the Asset Management regulations. The LAS Road and Sidewalk Assessment Service is the LAS program that will provide complete compliance with the roads portion of the regulations.  

The service meets all requirements: 

  1. Mapping:  interactive GIS mapping of the road network 
  2. Inventory: number of lane and centreline km of arterial, collector and local roads 
  3. Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for paved roads
  4. Images and descriptions illustrating the different levels of pavement condition 

Please reach out to Tanner Watt if you would like to learn more about this service. 

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