AMO’s Work on Affordable Housing

May 24, 2022

In Ontario, the housing crisis continues to grow as a top concern for residents and local governments. With the cost of ownership or rental rates rising much faster than incomes, people are struggling to manage their expenses and live affordably. AMO has long been involved with housing and homelessness advocacy and is working to help municipal leaders find solutions for their communities.

In February of 2022, AMO produced the Blueprint for Action: An Integrated Approach to Address the Ontario Housing Crisis. This comprehensive document outlines nearly 90 recommendations that all orders of government and the development sector must implement. With a push for transformative change, the recommendations address key concerns, including increasing housing stock, providing a mix of housing options, and considering local context.

Alongside the Blueprint for Action, AMO has actively worked with the provincial government and conducted research to ensure key legislation respects municipal concerns and can be successfully implemented without overburdening municipalities. This work has included:

With the upcoming election, AMO is monitoring how all parties plan to address housing affordability and is tracking how party platforms relate to housing as part of our ongoing election strategy. AMO is committed to working with all orders of government, as well as the private, nonprofit and cooperative housing sectors, to collaborate on lasting and effective affordable housing solutions.

For more information on how AMO is addressing the housing crisis, please visit here, or contact

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