AMO and LAS Partner on Climate Change

August 03, 2021

Climate change is the single most pressing issue of our time, and municipalities in Ontario have taken notice. In response to municipal governments’ desire to take action on climate change, AMO and LAS have been working in collaboration on a series of discussion papers to inform municipal decision makers and stakeholders about climate issues and solutions.

Papers in this series include:  

•    Come Hell or High Water: Flooding, Climate Change and Municipal Response (October 2020)
•    Understanding the Environmental Footprint of Telecommunications (February 2021)
•    Retrofitting Buildings for GHG Reduction & Deeper Energy Savings (April 2021) 
•    Distributed Energy Resources Paper (forthcoming, 2021)
•    Food & Organic Waste Paper (forthcoming, 2021)
•    Waste/Wastewater Paper (forthcoming, 2021)
•    Renewable Natural Gas Opportunities Paper (forthcoming, 2022)

These papers identify important municipal climate issues, and provide a range of options for municipal leaders to take action. This paper series considers not only environmental issues, but also the relationship between the environment, social well-being, and municipal economic development.

These policy areas are often thought of as competing interests, but in this paper series they are conceptualized instead as complementary parts of a “holistic” approach to municipal policy. While there is no “silver bullet” to the climate issue, this paper series provides practical and attainable actions and information that municipal governments can implement. AMO and LAS are committed to supporting municipal governments as they work to achieve a greener future. 

If you're interested in learning more on how you can take action on climate change, register to this year's virtual Risk Management Symposium taking place October 5 and 6. Learn more by following this link

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