The ONE Investment Program

The ONE Investment Program is a co-mingled investment program designed specifically for the municipal and broader Ontario public sector.  Since it was established in 1993, the ONE Investment Program has consistently provided strong rates of return. The ONE Investment Program is jointly operated by LAS, and CHUMS Financing Corp. (a subsidiary of the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association of Ontario).

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One Investment Program Returns (at September, 2018)


One Investment Program Historic Portfolio Balances



“Our municipality has long used One to invest various reserves and trust funds. We are confident that One ensures regulatory compliance as well as investment diversification. Our investments are accessible when required and information is available 24/7 via the secure website. "
Karen Brown
City of Kenora
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Image of total invested at 2.16 Billion at October 2018  

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Eleonore Schneider
Program Manager

T 416.971.9856 ext. 320
TF 1.877.426.6527
F 416.971.6191

Donna Herridge
Executive Director, MFOA/CHUMS

T 416.362.9001 ext. 233