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Image of Arena before and after LED lighting

Recreation facilities are the hub of a community – the place where friends and neighbours come together to play and have fun. The Recreation Facility LED Lighting Service is a complete turn-key solution that targets high-bay lighting with LEDs and advanced control systems in arenas, recreation facilities, transit and public works garages, fire halls, Water/Waste Water treatment facilities, or wherever there are high ceilings.  These projects benefit from utility incentives, dramatically improved light quality and levels, plus very aggressive rates of return; all while achieving optimal energy and maintenance savings.  

High bay LED luminaires costs have stabilized and provide an excellent payback when compared to most incumbent technologies.  Factor in the cost of maintaining an old and expensive lighting system versus the immediate savings which LED lighting can provide, and the answer is clear - it pays to install LED lighting as soon as possible.



Facility users have told us they like the improved lighting level and we feel the dimming function will be useful for other events. The LAS program really made it easy for us as the design, product selection, and incentive work was all done for us so we could concentrate on take care of our facilities and offering our programming. We would recommend the program to any municipality interested in improving their lighting and saving money. "
Brad McRoberts
Township of Mapleton

 “We are getting lots of positive comments about the new lights. The hockey and broomball players say they notice a huge difference in the lighting: it is much brighter and there are no shadows.  The lighting is even across the ice surface. During public skating we dim the lights down to 3.9kw (10.3kw is full power).  We also turn them down to 2kw when the staff is doing work on the ice surface or around the arena. The nice thing is before we had to turn the lights on 30 minutes before the start of an ice rental, now we can wait until 5 minutes before. Times when we have an opening during the day we would previously leave the lights on. Now we turn them off because they come back on right away; no waiting for them to warmup.”
John DeBoer,
Arena Manager
Township of North Stormont.


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