Submission of New Service Ideas

Local Authority Services (LAS) is a preferred provider of competitively-priced and sustainable co-operative business services for Ontario municipalities and the broader public sector. LAS helps its customers “save money, make money, and solve capacity”.

Revenues generated from LAS services and events cover all corporate operating costs and also help LAS to develop new services and offerings that help Ontario municipalities Save Money, Make Money & Solve Capacity.

LAS' current offerings to Ontario Municipalities and the broader public sector include the following:
  • Commodity Programs (Natural Gas, Electricity, and Fuel)
  • Energy Services (Billing and Settlement, Energy Planning, LED Streetlight upgrades, and energy workshops)
  • Investments (High Interest Savings Account (HISA), Money Market, Bond, Universe Corporate Bond, Equity)
  • Administrative Services (Group Benefits, Closed Meeting Investigations, Municipal Risk Management, and Group Home & Auto Insurance)
LAS seeks innovative and creative long-term programs/services that are beneficial to municipal governments and broader public sector organizations, do not compete directly with purchasing cooperatives, and can be aggregated at an association level. If you have an idea for a new service that you think would benefit Ontario’s 444 municipalities, we would like to hear from you.

Fill out the form below to submit your new service idea electronically. LAS staff will review your submission to verify the service idea is a good fit with our current service offerings and that it adheres to the LAS Idea Submission Policy. LAS will contact you within 60 days of your submission to advise of our interest.

As you consider submitting a program or service idea, note that LAS seeks out innovative and creative services and partnerships that:
  • are beneficial to our municipal customers;
  • do not compete directly against local government purchasing cooperatives;
  • make sense to aggregate at an association level;
  • are not simple bulk procurement initiatives or product endorsement programs.
LAS strives to undertake programs and services that meet one or more of the following criteria:
  1. Address an issue area that few municipalities would take on individually;
  2. Provide an obvious benefit from sizeable group procurement;
  3. Respond to a need for additional capacity within the sector.

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